Full-time MBA 1st Year

Congrats on finishing the year!

As you head into your summer internship, use this opportunity to affirm your career direction and build out your professional network.

Be strategic during your first year as a Full-time MBA student.

When it comes to managing your career beyond your Full-time MBA, W. P. Carey Career Management and Employer Engagement will work with you every step of the way — beginning before you even take your first class. Get started with resources, opportunities, and connections relevant to your first year in the program.

1st year highlights

Full-time MBA students participate in a combination of career courses, programming, events, and other opportunities throughout each year of the program. Get a sense of what to expect from your first year, and prepare to engage from day one.

  • Career Journey
  • Programming
  • Key Decisions & Actions
  • Outcomes
    • July to September: Career decision-making, research, and goal setting
    • October to December: Networking and interview prep, go to market
    • January to March: Networked job search
    • March to July: Regroup and just-in-time job search
    • July to September: Career Bootcamp/Orientation, formal assessment of seminars, Mock Interview Day, WPC 502 (Career Coaching Q1)
    • October to December: OCR begins (key milestone), formal one-on-one check-ins, Market Feedback Session
    • January to March: WPC 502 (Career Coaching Q3), Company Networking Night prep, CPT sessions, formal one-on-one check-ins
    • March to July: Job Club begins, WPC 584 (Internship)
    • July to September: Decide concentration, set career goals, post public resume
    • October to December: Participate in formal recruiting, OCR offer deadlines
    • January to March: Re-evaluate job search strategy
    • March to July: Re-evaluate career goals, evaluate offers and negotiate
  • W. P. Carey MBA candidates stand out in the market. Explore internship outcomes from previous class years.
    Employment Report

Identify your concentration

Identify your Full-time MBA concentration as early as possible, so you can hit the ground running in your internship. Created for Full-time MBA students in their first year at W. P. Carey, these dedicated concentration communities provide curated resources and guidance to inform your path forward:
Business Analytics Consulting Entrepreneurship Finance Information Management Marketing Supply Chain Management