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Full-time MBA 1st Year

Be strategic during your first year as a Full-time MBA student.

When it comes to managing your career beyond your Full-time MBA, W. P. Carey Career Management and Employer Engagement will work with you every step of the way — beginning before you even take your first class. Get started with resources, opportunities, and connections relevant to your first year in the program.

1st year highlights

Full-time MBA students participate in a combination of career courses, programming, events, and other opportunities throughout each year of the program. Get a sense of what to expect from your first year, and prepare to engage from day one.

  • Career Journey
  • Programming
  • Key Decisions & Actions
  • Outcomes
    • July to September: Career decision-making, research, and goal setting
    • October to December: Networking and interview prep, go to market
    • January to March: Networked job search
    • March to July: Regroup and just-in-time job search
    • July to September: Career Bootcamp/Orientation, formal assessment of seminars, Mock Interview Day, WPC 502 (Career Coaching Q1)
    • October to December: OCR begins (key milestone), formal one-on-one check-ins, Market Feedback Session
    • January to March: WPC 502 (Career Coaching Q3), Company Networking Night prep, CPT sessions, formal one-on-one check-ins
    • March to July: Job Club begins, WPC 584 (Internship)
    • July to September: Decide concentration, set career goals, post public resume
    • October to December: Participate in formal recruiting, OCR offer deadlines
    • January to March: Re-evaluate job search strategy
    • March to July: Re-evaluate career goals, evaluate offers and negotiate
  • W. P. Carey MBA candidates stand out in the market. Explore internship outcomes from previous class years.
    Employment Outcomes

Identify your concentration

Identify your Full-time MBA concentration as early as possible, so you can hit the ground running in your internship. Created for Full-time MBA students in their first year at W. P. Carey, these dedicated concentration communities provide curated resources and guidance to inform your path forward:
Business Analytics Consulting Entrepreneurship Finance Information Management Marketing Supply Chain Management