Full-time MBA 2nd Year

Maximize the value of your second year in the Full-time MBA.

Your success as a Full-time MBA student and graduate is important to us. No matter where you are in your career journey, we look forward to supporting your next steps. Continue to advance your career with resources, opportunities, and connections relevant to your second year in the program.

2nd year highlights

Full-time MBA students participate in a combination of career courses, programming, events, and other opportunities throughout each year of the program. Here’s what to expect from your second year, including ways to engage from day one.

  • Career Journey
  • Programming
  • Key Decisions & Actions
  • Outcomes
    • July to September: Career decision-making, research, and goal setting
    • October to December: Networking and interview prep, go to market
    • January to March: Networked job search
    • March to July: Regroup and just-in-time job search
    • July to September: Second year reorientation, Negotiation Workshop, formal one-on-one check-ins, Networking to Locations Workshop
    • October to December: OCR begins (key milestone), Market Feedback Session, offer decision-making checkpoint
    • January to March: Company Networking Night prep, OPT sessions, formal one-on-one check-ins
    • March to July: Job Club begins, graduation
    • July to September: Career goals defined, action plan defined
    • October to December: Internship conversion, participate in formal recruiting, OCR offer deadlines
    • January to March: Report employment
    • March to July: Re-evaluate job search strategy, re-evaluate career goals
  • W. P. Carey MBA candidates stand out in the market. Explore employment outcomes from previous class years.
    Employment Outcomes

Visit your concentration community

Created for Full-time MBA students in their second year at W. P. Carey, these dedicated concentration communities provide curated resources and guidance to accelerate your path forward:
Business Analytics Consulting Entrepreneurship Finance Information Management Marketing Supply Chain Management