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Launch your future in analytics as a senior.

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Our analytics community will provide you with on-demand career support and direction at every stage of your career management journey. Bookmark this page and return throughout the year to see what you need to know (and do!) now and later. Here you’ll find resources, advice, events, personal connections, and other career opportunities — created and curated for senior business analytics, computer information systems, information security, and statistics students.

  • Business Data Analytics

    Launch a dynamic career with global potential, in a business world increasingly ruled by data. 90 percent of employers indicate that demand for business data analytics will increase in the future. With your business degree from W. P. Carey, you will be able to jump into roles such as data analysts, data architects, data visualization developers, or data change agents for business and government organizations.

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  • Computer Information Systems

    Meet the rising demand for experts in systems analysis, business applications programming, software development, and decision support across business sectors. With your business degree from W. P. Carey, you will learn how to design, build, and maintain information systems that support business operations and managerial decisions.

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  • Information Security

    Discover why data security and risk management are critical, and learn about cyber infrastructure and information security in the context of enterprises across industries. With a business degree from W. P. Carey, you will be prepared to thrive in an increasingly digital world, and develop basic information security technical competency relevant for most organizations.

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  • Statistics

    Involving both theoretical and applied statistics, the W. P. Carey business degree in statistics focuses on practical and applied aspects of statistics. Learn how to draw business insights from the past, present and future, and develop a skillset with real-world significance and global potential.

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How you can expect to engage in your job search

Three ways b-school students find jobs

There are three primary ways business school students find jobs. Understanding which of these is part of your job search will help you build an efficient plan. Although each of these types of job searches requires a different plan, they all require the same core capabilities for success: Personal narrative, market research, networking, applications, and interviewing. Let us help you figure it out!

  • On-campus/Global Job Search
    The majority of on-campus recruiting happens in the fall semester with a smaller set of firms doing campus recruiting in the spring. This requires you to be prepped and ready to interview soon after school starts. If the firms you are focused on do not visit ASU’s campus, then you will need to supplement your On-campus strategy with a Networked or Just-in-time job search.
  • Networked Job Search
    All job searches require networking skills. If you are targeting firms that do not recruit on-campus at ASU then a Networked job search is your avenue. This requires a proactive approach to research, as well as developing relationships with the goal of building advocates within a firm. You’ll need to ensure your personal narrative and job search skills are well developed to convince these firms to consider you.
  • Just-in-time Job Search
    A majority of firms, whether they participate in on-campus recruiting or not, will have a need for immediate hires throughout the year. Although applications are submitted at the time of need, your preparation and networking should be ongoing in order to be ready when these opportunities arise. These opportunities can be limited and are not predictable, so you’ll want to view this as a back-up strategy, rather than an excuse to delay your job search.


Featured Resources

These resources have been specifically curated to aid you in your career goal setting and job search.

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Explore occupations by career categories and pathways and use real time labor market data to power your decision making.

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Explore the curriculum that launches W. P. Carey careers. Timed and designed to align with your program of study, you will engage in courses that directly support your career confidence, capabilities, and prospects.

WPC 448 Senior Career Transition Management

Career Management Career Coach
Course Description: Intensive application of the job search cycle and processes for students still seeking post-graduation employment. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite(s):…

WPC 484 Internships and Applied Academics

Career Management Career Coach
Course Description: Structured practical experience following a contract or plan, supervised by faculty and practitioners. Enrollment Requirements: None Fees: None…