Anaplan/Anavate Skill Factory

There is a drought of measurable, discrete talent for highly sought-after skill sets in rapidly growing fields, such as the Anaplan ecosystem. Skill Factory™ is an instruction, learning and skill-development platform that is committed to creating opportunities for high achieving college students to hone their competency and enhance their ability to bring strategic value to their endeavors.

Anavate Partners, a technology consulting firm of ASU graduates is looking to fill their next Skill Factory cohort. Skill Factory is a course built to teach technical skills to increase college graduate value as students enter the workforce. The course is structured around teaching students a cloud-based software called Anaplan, a planning platform used by many of the world’s largest businesses. The course lasts about two and a half months (students should expect approximately 5 hours of work each week) beginning April 30th and ending in July with students completing the first two levels of Anaplan training, earning official certifications in a highly in-demand skill (all offered to students free of charge).

All training is done remotely and is self-paced, with regular hands-on instruction. We’re looking for students who are self-motivated, lifelong learners, and in a career mindset. Any interested students should see the attached slide for more information and fill out the application link within. Applications need to be submitted before April 29th for a cohort kickoff of April 30th.

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