W. P. Carey Graduate Women's Leadership Negotiation Workshop

“The Women’s Leadership Association is excited to host an in-person Negotiation Workshop by Professor Ned Wellman for all students of the WP Carey School of Business. Professor Wellman has a wealth of experience teaching Negotiation to business students. The workshop will have a lecture/discussion followed by an opportunity to practice through role-play. We will conclude with a debrief session. We will use a scoring system to help you assess how well you are doing!

Some of the themes you will encounter in the workshop are – challenges female negotiators face, how to overcome them, situational role-playing covering a few issues like salary negotiation, flexible work hours, asking for more responsibility & complexity of work, asking for equal pay, or raise, how to be more confident, knowing when to negotiate, how to negotiate during a conflict or when you have low bargaining power.

We will try to cover as much as we can to start off the mindset required for negotiating and provide useful recommendations for continued practice. Though this event is targeted at women, all students are welcome to attend.

Note: We will be requiring a handshake registration link. “

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