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W. P. Carey GPO Entrepreneurship Society

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The W. P. Carey GPO Entrepreneurship Society offers its members several activities including lectures from guest speakers, workshops focusing on …

W. P. Carey GPO Consulting Club

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The mission of W. P. Carey School of Business Consulting Club is to familiarize students with required skill sets in …

W. P. Carey GPO Business Information Management and Analytics Club (BIMAA)

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At BIMAA, our vision is to be an enabler for advanced masters degree students looking to build a career in …

W. P. Carey GPO SupplyChainManagementAssoc.

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GSCMA is an academic club dedicated to the development of graduate students interested in Supply Chain Management. The club targets …

W. P. Carey GPO Healthcare Club

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This organization is a platform for students interested in healthcare, to build their professional network and enhance their understanding of …

W. P. Carey GPO Strategic Marketing Association

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The purpose of this organization shall be to provide academic, professional development and social support to students interested in the …