Getting ready for a virtual interview: surprise! Some new things you need to consider

You just got the call for an interview, congratulations! With most interviews now happening virtually, it is important for students to understand new considerations on how to best prepare so you can successfully demonstrate professionalism and care. 

All of the same, important interviewing tips still hold true: do your research, prepare for the questions you can anticipate, have relevant and insightful questions of your own, and strive for professionalism at every turn.  

Content is still the most critical aspect of an interview and preparation pays off.  However, when interviewing virtually, you’ll need to take into account some extra things that you might not have thought about before; interview preparation that goes beyond the content and structure of answering shows the mentality of an emerging young professional.  Now, you need to consider lighting, camera angles, attire, sound checks and how to manage technical issues.

Check out these articles and resources to get you started in preparation for your virtual interview and schedule an appointment with your coach here in Handshake to prepare.

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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