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Welcome, juniors!

Junior business students benefit from continued access to resources and guidance from W. P. Carey Career Career Services Center. Build a strong foundation in networking — and continue making steps toward the future you want — during your junior year at ASU.

Junior highlights

  • Your career journey
  • What you will learn
  • Career outcomes
  • The Career Navigation Program (CNP) is designed as the core career program for all undergraduate students. Each course provides relevant, curated career instruction. As a junior W. P. Carey student, you will take WPC 348: Networking Foundations. The course will strengthen your networking and interviewing skills, while working to develop a professional network.
    • Leverage your narrative: Understand how narrative and executive presence impact networking opportunities
    • Advanced resume development: Enhance resumes by taking a deeper look at structure and content utilizing VMock software
    • Components of networking: Using the book, The 2-Hour Job Search, learn the five components of networking and how to conduct a successful informational interview
    • Interviewing: Gain greater understanding of the interview process and how to deliver compelling answers to commonly asked questions
    • Students are able to tailor their standard resume to align with function, role, or industry given a specific job posting
    • Students are able to develop a plan for their internship search that is inclusive of industry preference, role of interest, geographic preferences, and milestone dates
    • Students will be able to perform an ASU alumni and professional search for a network connection within a given function, role, industry, and company, using LinkedIn
    • Students will be able to write well-structured STAR statements for behavioral interviews
    • Students can apply market and industry research skills in their job search
    • Students will be able to evaluate an internships opportunity and apply negotiation skills

Career coaching for juniors

Partner with a professional career coach to build career capabilities throughout your time at ASU. We recommend that you meet with a coach early, in order to develop a career strategy and understanding of yearly career outcomes. The right coach for you depends on your major — visit your junior career community to learn who your coach is and how to make an appointment.

Junior career communities

Discover curated career connections, events, and resources. Our junior career communities provide you with actionable opportunities to advance your career, created and curated for students like you. Identify your junior career community by major: Accountancy Business Administration Business Data Analytics Business Entrepreneurship Business Law Communication Computer Information Systems Corporate Accounting Economics Finance Financial Planning Food Industry Management Global Agribusiness Global Leadership Global Logistics Management Global Politics Health Care Human Resources Information Security Language and Culture Management Marketing Public Service and Public Policy Retail Management Sports Business Statistics Supply Chain Management Sustainability Technology Tourism