Networking outreach: it doesn’t have to be awkward

Making a commitment and being thoughtful about maintaining your professional communications is a thoughtful way to manage your reputation as an emerging business leader.  Specifically, taking the time to craft well-thought-out messages, and responding to messages sent to you, showcases business capabilities employers seek in candidates.

When drafting messages to send, remember to focus on the key message or action you are trying to influence.   This will help you stay brief, but clear.  Once you have this, checking that the tone of it aligns to your goals of being seen as a young professional means that your writing is not too familiar or casual.  

A focus on content that is brief but clear, is written with an easy to follow structure and a tone that is more formal  will help with your reputation setting as someone who is professional and serious about their career. 

Similarly, after you receive an email, responding within 48 hours is appropriate.  This shows your recipient that you value their time, are respectful and are acknowledging their outreach.   This is not only good manners, but will go far in managing your reputation.

Your career coach is one of many resources at your disposal to help you communicate professionally.  Schedule an appointment with your career coach in Handshake and use the Student Policies and Professional Standards to guide this.

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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