How to be effective at on-campus events

If you are currently pursuing an internship or full-time job search, you need to know how to best prepare and engage employers at these events for W. P. Carey Students. There are a variety of events that make up on-campus recruiting: Functional Days, information sessions, professional workshops; some events are to help a company generate brand awareness, while others are to identify high potential candidates and serve as a pipeline for internships and full-time hires. 

Companies come so you can understand what they offer to their employees and in the industry.  These are great opportunities to get a better sense of their company culture. What we know is that the most successful students show up to company events having done research that helps them plan their approach and conversations; they have read the job descriptions and conducted independent research.  This allows them to analyze their current abilities, skills, and experiences and determine what specific role within an organization to target.

Handshake is a good place to begin your research, as well as each company’s website. Consider specialized search engines too, like those included below. If a company has an internship or job posting, read it thoroughly, underline the key words in it, and tailor your personal narrative, cover letter and resume accordingly.

Your Career Coach is one of many resources available for you. Schedule an appointment with your career coach here in Handshake to personalize your preparation before attending an employer event and reference the articles and links below for more information.

 How to Decode a Job Posting

How to Read Dissect and Attack your Job Descriptions

How to Succeed at a Hiring Event or Open Interview

 In addition, for Industry and company research, get deeper utilizing the following:

First Research 



Mergent Intellect 

Book of Lists

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center