Don’t overlook developing your Executive Presence

As a business school student, it’s easy to find leaders you admire and want to emulate. Upon reflection, executive presence is the consistent attribute that makes them so attractive; their communications are clear, confident, authentic, open to others’ viewpoints, and they command attention.  This goes beyond qualifications and skills, and at this stage in your career, is something you will want to intentionally develop.  Research from Harvard Business Review shows that executive presence is an important factor in promotion decisions and a signal that you are ready for your next career move. 

In developing executive presence at business school you will have the opportunity to practice within your group work, class work, meetings with employers, and a host of other opportunities. Being able to confidently demonstrate your capability and preparedness to handle higher level responsibilities and the business of your next career move is a critical element of your career program at W. P. Carey.

Check out the resources below for recommendations on how to develop and display executive presence. Make an appointment with your career coach about how to effectively convey your professional presence in the opportunities you’ll have throughout your career.

Deconstructing Executive Presence

Developing Executive Presence

Enhancing Your Professional Presence

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