WHY YOU? The Question You Must Answer for Employer Sponsorship

The author of The International Advantage Gets Noticed. Get Hired! Marcelo Barros has helped hundreds of business international students secure quality employment in the U.S. Despite the current tough visa reality international students have to deal with, through his work with a variety of different universities in the U.S Marcelo continues to see international students beat the odds and secure U.S employment. Drawing on the content from his book and his unique professional experiences, in the keynote presentation Marcelo will teach you how to:

You will learn to:

  • Exploit employer needs to increase your chances of securing sponsorship
  • Lead your presentations and interviews with the value you can deliver
  • Think about your skill set and experience in a strategic way
  • Get the most out the other presentations in the Seminar series

Making an appointment with your coach and reviewing how the information in the video can be applied to your search is a valuable next step; schedule an appointment today in Handshake.

Why You MS Track from Beyond B-School on Vimeo.

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