You got the job! Now what?

You got the job.  Congratulations!  That took a lot of work, intentionality, planning, and careful communications.  Managing your professional reputation is a life-long process, and the first 90 days in a new role are critical to setting the stage for that. Building credibility as you transition to your new role effectively will affirm the great impression you made in the hiring process. 

In approaching the first 90 days, in our experience the most successful new employees give themselves permission to not know all the answers.  Instead, they focus on learning and understanding others’ viewpoints, goals, and approach to the work. Having a strategic plan of action that is focused on relationship management and work accomplishments will help you set yourself up to secure early wins and demonstrate strong leadership capabilities.  

Career management does not stop after you sign the offer, it’s really just beginning. Review the resources below to prepare for the first 90 days of your new role to build your professional reputation and relationships. Schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to discuss how to continue to make strides in your career. 

How to Ace Your New Job in the First 90 Days 

How to Succeed in Your New Job: The First Week, Month and 90 Days

The First 90 Days

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By W. P. Carey Career Management
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