Are you setting yourself up for success?

Throughout your career, you will transition from multiple roles and companies, and at times rethink your career approach all together.  As a W. P. Carey student, deciding on your initial career strategy is an important first step to help define immediate goals. Expecting and preparing for a well-rounded Plan B as well will help you adapt to challenges and ultimately find success in the job market.  

What goes into a good Plan B for an internship or full-time opportunity? In order to be successful navigating an ever changing market, it’s important to:

  • Stay focused on the skills and experience that you have, and consider how they may be applicable to a diverse set of employers and roles. This is where you get flexible by exploring industries and positions you may not have previously considered.  
  • Network and share your story with multiple connections who can look out for potential opportunities aligned with the goals you have shared with them.
  • Get Creative. Think about other roles you’ve held and experiences you’ve had that you enjoyed or were meaningful to you.
  • Cultivate Curiosity. Ask others about their career stories by conducting informational interviews that give you a chance to learn about what others do and identify additional options aligned with your skillset.

When you identify possible blocks to your initial strategy, you provide yourself an opportunity to plan around them. Need guidance formulating alternative career plans? Make an appointment with your career coach.

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