Have you made maintaining your internship connections a priority?

Wrapping up the end of your internship can be a hectic time, as you balance completing projects for the company and preparing for a return to class.  When your focus is on tasks, it’s easy to forget about securing the most valuable takeaways from your internship: your connections.

Networking is always key, especially when you’ve spent the summer building strong relationships with those with which you’ve worked.  To maintain relationships, it’s important to develop a strategy to stay in touch. There is no wrong way to maintain relationships, as long as you have developed a strategy to do it intentionally.

Staying connected manages your professional reputation and keeps you in a position to leverage your relationships throughout the upcoming year.  Whether or not you get an offer to return to the firm, or choose to accept it if you do, your connections from your internship can be critical components of your career strategy both now and in the future. 

As you transition out of your internship, schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to talk through your strategy for maintaining connections. Be sure to also check out the following resources to learn more about how to professionally finish your internship.

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