What technical skills are needed for an MBA career in marketing?

Creative thinking is an important skill in the marketing world, but marketing is so much more than creativity. While thinking creatively to solve problems and uncover customer insights is part of what marketers do, assuming that marketing is all about being creative overlooks other important skills that are in demand for marketers today. 

Data analytics, strategic thinking, and strong communication skills are just some of the other highly sought-after skills for MBA marketing candidates in today’s market. 

Communicating in a way that not only shows that you understand what it means to work in marketing but also how your skills and experiences align is an important way to set yourself apart from the competition –especially if you are pivoting into a marketing career from another industry or function.  

Check out the articles and resources below and schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to talk about how you can communicate your understanding of marketing in a way that impresses your audience in job interviews and networking conversations. 

MBA Marketing Map – Highlights different MBA marketing areas and what skills are important for each. 

Five Ways an MBA Degree Can Prepare You for a Career in Marketing

Hard and Soft Skills Needed in Marketing

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