Enhancing your opportunities to be contacted by employers in Handshake

Employers are busy.  Defining needs, role requirements and sorting through candidate options is time consuming.  Handshake was designed to make on-campus candidates easy to find.  Are you optimizing this critical tool to help them find you? 

Many students are missing great opportunities and direct employer outreach due to not being easily discoverable to employers on Handshake. Here are some ways you can increase your visibility in the platform: 

  • Make your profile public on Handshake. With a public profile, employers are more likely to invite you to attend events or apply for their employment opportunities. 
  • Upload an updated resume. 
  • Update your profile with your work experience, campus involvement, and any volunteer or leadership positions you have held. 
  • Use the “Get to Know Me” section to tell employers about your career interests, goals, and a brief summary of your experience and skills. 
  • Add courses and projects that are relevant to the types of roles you are interested in to your profile. You can also add your GPA to showcase strong academic performance.

If you would like, you can further personalize your profile by adding your gender, pronouns, race, and ethnicity. 

The links below provide instructions to create a public profile and additional features in Handshake.  Working with your Career Coach can also be time well spent to ensure you are visible. Schedule an appointment today in Handshake!

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center