Finding opportunities outside of on-campus recruiting at the right time

If you are hearing a lot of buzz about on-campus recruiting but not seeing many opportunities aligned with your career goal, you might think the companies or industries you are interested in don’t recruit during the fall–that typically isn’t the case! In reality, companies who participate in on-campus recruiting events at ASU are just a small sample of all employers hiring.  

Many companies recruit throughout the fall semester, but don’t have the ability to visit every college campus. With many companies conducting virtual interviews and virtual recruiting events in order to expand their access to students that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to meet in person, these opportunities could now be more accessible than ever before. It’s all about finding the recruiting events and conferences your target companies are attending and proactively networking with people at these target companies by taking initiative to make connections with them. 

Don’t hold off on your job search until the spring semester when you may have already missed opportunities. Check out the articles below for advice on finding positions to apply for and schedule an appointment with your Career Coach early on to discuss your job search strategy.

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center