W. P. Carey Alumni Share Their Summer Internship Experiences

We asked W. P. Carey Alumni: What benefits did you receive from doing a summer internship?

Here are the internship experiences and benefits they shared:

  • Intel Internship: Analytics and Decision-Making
  • Job Offer: Peace of Mind and Head Start
  • M&A Internship: Guiding Career Decisions
  • SEO Internship: Launching Marketing Career
  • Finance Exposure: Shaping Career Path
  • Firsthand Experience: From Academic to Practitioner 
  • Investment Banking Internship: Collaborate With Executives
  • Technology Internship: Focus On Opportunities of Interest

Intel Internship: Analytics and Decision-Making

I interned at Intel in Santa Clara, CA, between my first and second year of business school. My role was in biz ops, and I focused on forecasting demand for CPUs. This benefited my career because it allowed me to use the analytical skills I had learned at school in the real world. 

I saw the impact of using data to drive decision-making at every level of an organization. This is an approach I have taken into every role since, and it has helped power my success‌.

Sally Platt, MBA ‘18, Trust and Safety Lead, Meta

Job Offer: Peace of Mind and Head Start

The major benefit I received from a college summer internship was securing a job offer immediately after its completion. Having an offer before the senior year can provide a significant sense of peace of mind post-graduation. Knowing that you have a job waiting for you eliminates the stress and uncertainty that comes with the job searching process. 

Having an offer in hand before graduation gives you a head start in the competitive job market, as you can begin your professional journey immediately after obtaining your degree. This early security not only provides financial stability but also boosts confidence, as you can approach your senior year with an obvious goal in mind and a solid foundation for your future career.

Henry Myrick, BS Supply Chain Managements ‘21, Subcontracts Manager, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

M&A Internship: Guiding Career Decisions

Of the 5 internships, one of the most memorable was actively working/shadowing on a live M&A transaction with a local private equity firm. Preparing for the internship forced me to learn independent topics outside of my WPC curriculum and expand my relationships with professors and the professional community. Day-to-day work involves continuous learning and exposure and helped guide my career decision to pursue a career in M&A directly.

Troy Hebert, BS Finance ‘13, Senior Director, M&A Business Development, SRS Acquiom

SEO Internship: Launching Marketing Career

I didn’t realize when I landed a summer internship at a digital marketing agency in Scottsdale that the role would influence the trajectory of my career.

As an SEO intern, I worked closely with the head strategist and learned how to develop high-performing SEO strategies. I got hands-on experience in keyword research, on-page optimization, and website performance analysis. Not only was I getting to work with skilled professionals and new tools, but I was applying my lessons as I worked on client accounts.

One of the lasting benefits of this internship was that it served as a launchpad for my marketing career. I could leverage the experience and skills gained during the internship to secure my first full-time position in the industry. The foundation I built during that internship continues to serve me well, as I now focus on managing SEO strategies for more complex businesses in the B2B space.

Claire Routh, BS Marketing ‘20, SEO Strategist, The Elegance Edit

Finance Exposure: Shaping Career Path

I moved to New York City to intern as a Financial Analyst at a large investment bank for the summer ahead of my final year as an undergrad student. This summer was challenging professionally as the Finance-focused role differed from my background in accounting.

That said, this on-the-job experience afforded me exposure to finance principles at a learning curve I could not find elsewhere and ultimately left such an impression on me—I knew my next career step would incorporate both accounting and finance experiences.

Had I not pushed myself to move across the country and experience an internship outside of my academic background, I would not be approaching two years in my current role, which allows me to pursue my passion for both accounting and finance.

Ian Rice, BS Accounting ‘20, MS Accounting ‘21, M&A Strategy Associate, KPMG

Firsthand Experience: From Academic to Practitioner 

Overall, one of the most important aspects of my investment banking internship at BofA Merrill Lynch was seeing concepts taught in my finance classes put into practice. 

Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of the principles taught to me in the semesters leading to my internship, but the finance classes I took post-internship felt more applicable. 

Having firsthand experience made me a better student, which helped me be a more effective full-time employee after graduating. 

Parker Rasmussen, Honors Finance ‘18, Growth Equity Investment Associate, Adams Street Partners

Investment Banking Internship: Collaboration With Executives

My most remarkable internship experience took place at Credit Suisse, where I served as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst. Upon reflection, two aspects of this opportunity left a lasting impression on me. 

I valued the ability to collaborate with executives, delving deep into their operational and technical intricacies to ultimately understand the fundamentals of their businesses. I had the privilege of engaging in many hands-on projects throughout the summer, which allowed me to expand my knowledge base. 

The opportunity to be immersed in Wall Street and propel my career forward was only made possible by the unwavering support from ASU’s extensive alumni network and the invaluable resources offered by organizations such as IBIS and IBFC. 

I firmly believe in the importance of pursuing internships to gain wisdom from industry professionals, forge enduring connections with peers, and continually cultivate a specialized skill set. 

Gursimar Wadhwa, BS Business Law and Finance ‘21, Investment Banking Analyst, Alantra

Technology Internship: Focus On Opportunities of Interest

It is very important to choose the right path during an internship as it would define what you will learn and use in your career. When I was choosing an internship, this helped me to focus on the opportunities that interested me, such as technology, which is what I want to further my career in. It was very beneficial to get hands-on training for it during my initial days in the corporate world.

Sarang Deshpande, MS Business Analytics ‘18-19, Project Lead, Axtria

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
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