Where can I go with a Business Communication Degree?

The world of business communication is vast and diverse. There are a multitude of different industries and functions you can explore with your degree. Gleaning insight into the different career paths available can help you better understand what you can do in your career, and where you want to focus your search.

The key skills you will build as a business communication major serve as a skill set you can apply to future positions. Ability to work independently on projects, analyzing different policies, bridging gaps in understanding, and creatively conveying thoughts and ideas are all highly valuable skills you can apply in a wide variety of functional roles and industries. 

To begin narrowing down where you would like to focus, use the Business Communication Map to develop a better sense of where you plan to take your career journey! As you can see on the map, you can start by breaking down your interests by industries and functions. Do you really love Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Journalism, or would you prefer working in the Public Sector? Great, start there. Next, think through what type of roles interest you the most. Remember, targeting your interests means prioritizing the opportunities you pursue, and it is okay to change your mind as you learn more about them.

Once you’ve identified your top 3-5 interests, engage in some market research and networking to test your assumptions and confirm your interest. You can also work with your career coach to direct your exploration.

Market Research: The next step to clarify your career goal

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By W. P. Carey Career Services Center
W. P. Carey Career Services Center