Networking 101

Did you know that as many as 85% of jobs are secured via networking? Networking is defined as “the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business needs.” While networking may feel uncomfortable to some, we know that it is an important skill to leverage throughout your career. 

Networked job searches are important because they allow you to gain access to opportunities that may not be publicly posted.  Leveraging relationships to uncover hidden postings is an additional way for you to maximize your options while looking for the right position.

A networked job search is a strategic component of your career search strategy, especially once on-campus recruitment slows.  Taking the time to build relationships with individuals within your target firms and/or industries can pay off. Remember, networking is about the long-game.  You will not build relationships and establish advocacy overnight. Set realistic expectations for your networking strategy and invest the time and energy required to find success.

Ready to begin networking? Check out the resources below, and schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to discuss how networking plays into your job search strategy. 

W. P. Carey Networking Model

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W. P. Carey Career Services Center